2006 Seismology Seminar: Print & Namazu Club
Time: Every Friday morning
Place: Rigaku-bu 2-gokan Room 509

Feb 8 (Start at 10:00)
Practice for Master and Bachelor defences
Okaue, Kamigaki, and Urata

Feb 9 (Start at 10:00)
Practice for Bachelor defence
Sainoki and Abe

=== Schedule of Speakers in Winter, 2006 ===

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* This is Seminar on Solid Geophysics IV (4 units per year).

Jan 19
Progress report for Bachelor thesis
"Interaction of asperities in the Sanriku-Oki region"
(presented by Sainoki)
Due to lack of time, Kuge's talk is carried over to the next academic year.

Jan 16: Special Seminar
Yuko Kase (AIST)
"Dynamic rupture simulations for multi-segmented earthquakes"

Jan 12
Progress reports for Bachelor theses
"Detecting the structure beneath Aso by receiver function analysis"
(presented by Abe)
"The effect of thermal pressurization"
(presented by Urata)

Nov 24
"Report of the coordinating committee for earthquake prediction on Nov 20, 2006"
1. Tokai slow slip stopped ?
2. 2006/11/15 Kuril event (Mw=8)
3. Short-term slow slip
(presented by Hirahara)

Nov 17
"Deep Earthquake of 5 February 2005 beneath Mindanao, Philippines" (research status report)
(presented by Janette)

Nov 10
"Mantle Structure Beneath South America" (research status report)
(presented by Okaue)

Oct 27
"Receiver function imaging of the crust and the uppermost mantle structure beneath the Kinki Area" (research status report)
(presented by Ogawa)

Oct 20
"Inter-event seismic wave velocity structure reconstruction in the upper crust based on ensemble waveform cross-correlation method" (research status report)
(presented by Irabu)

Oct 13
"2D Simulations of Earthquake Cycles at a Subduction Zone -Effects of Pore Fluid Pressure Changes-" (research status report)
(presented by Mitsui)

July 14: Special Seminar
Julie Rokosky (UCSC)
"Lower mantle anisotropy: insights from work on D" beneath the Cocos plate and the central Pacific"
Alex Hutko (UCSC)
"Imaging seismic scatterers and reflectors in the deep Earth using Hi-net and California array data"

July 14: Special Seminar
Suncheon Park (DPRI)
"Determination of rupture velocity of the 2002 China-Russia border deep earthquake"

July 7
Yoshihisa Iio, Takeshi Sagiya, and Yoji Kobayashi, "What controls the occurrence of shallow intraplate earthquakes?" Earth Planets Space,56, 1077-1086, 2004
(presented by Sainoki)

June 30
Bizzari and Cocco "A thermal pressurization model for the spontaneous dynamic rupture propagation on a three-dimensional fault: 1. Methodological approach" JGR, 111, B05303, doi:10.1029/2005JB003862, 2006
(presented by Urata)

June 23
Takahiro Hiyoshi and Shoichi Yoshioka "An attempt to detect reflected waves from the lower boundary of a descending s lab" PEPI, 104, 331-344, 1997
(presented by Abe)

June 16
"Earthquake cycle simulations, considering the change of pore fluid pressure" (review + status report of study)
(presented by Yuta Mitsui)

June 9
"Analysis of deep earthquake beneath the Philippines using Hi-net data"
(presented by Janette)

June 9: Special Seminar
Takane Hori (JAMSTEC)
"Variatious occurrence patterns of great interplate earthquakes ~ toward their forecast based on physical mechanisms ~"
Abstract (in Japanese)

June 2
"Comparison of the structure beneath subduction zones from waveform modeling of ScS reverberations" (overview + progress report of research)
(presented by Okaue)

May 30: Special Seminar
Hiroo Kanamori (Caltech and DPRI)
"High-density Waveform data and their implications for the Slab Structure beneath Japan" (A recent Caltech Study by M. Chen, J. Tromp, D. Helmberger, and H. Kanamori)

May 26
Tae-Kyung Hong, William Menke "Tomographic investigation of the wear along the San Jacinto fault, southern California" Phys. of the Earth and Planetary Int.,155, 236-248, 2006.
(presented by Irabu)

April 28
"Review of intermediate-depth earthquakes"
(presented by Kuge)

April 21
"Research subjects in which I am currently involved or interested"
1. Earthquake cycle simulation
2. Postseismic deformation modeling
3. Receiver function analyses
4. Noise and/or code wave correlation analyses
(presented by Hirahara)

April 14
"Imaging of crustal structure beneath the Kii Peninsula with P and S wave receiver function" (Bachelor thesis)
(presented by Ogawa)

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