2008 Seismology Seminar: Print & Namazu Club
Time: Every Tuesday afternoon
Place: Rigaku-bu 2-gokan Room 509

February 3 13:30-15:30
"Numerical Simulation of Earthquake Cycles in the Philippine Fault Zone, Luzon Island, Philippines"
(to be presented by Laarni)

=== Schedule of Speakers in Winter, 2008 (updated on October 28) ===
The club meeting on February 3 is the last during this year.

Master defence on February 9 and 10
Bachelor defence on February 13

* This is Seminar on Solid Geophysics IV (4 units per year).

January 20
J. Terakawa et al "Numerical simulation of elastic wave propagation and failure phenomena using MPS method" Butsuri-Tansa, 61, 169-179, 2008
(presented by Sakamoto)

January 13
"Discussion on linear subgrade response: in easy 2D cases"
(presented by Mitsui)

December 9
"Introduction of Natural Time Analysis"
(presented by Hirasawa)
"The Number of Deep Earthquakes with Aftershocks"
(presented by Yada)

December 2
"Introduction to data assimilation"
(presented by Kano)
"Analysis of source process using teleseismic body wave : the Java, Indonesia earthquake of August 08, 2007"
(presented by Kurihara)

November 18
"Practice for ASC"

November 11
"The effect of A-B value on the earthquake cycle and after slip in the Miyagi-Oki region, northeast Japan"
(presented by Sainoki)

November 4
"Time series analysis using inSAR"
(presented by Arimoto)

October 28
"Effect of thermal pressurization on rupture propagation beyond fault discontinuities"
(presented by Urata)

October 21
"Crustal structure beneath Aso caldera, southwest Japan, as derived from receiver functions"
(presented by Abe)

Special Seminar: October 14 16:30-18:00 in Lecture Room #3
Stephen H. Kirby (USGS Menlo Park, U.S.A)
"Global diversity in the seismogenic expressions of subduction: Trends and exceptions to the trends"

Special Seminar: October 14 13:30-15:30 in Lecture Room #3
English presentations by grad students of MC2 and higher
"An attempt to detect pre-seismic displacement field of the 2008 Iwate-Miyagi Nairiku Earthquake using InSAR time-series analysis" by Mika Arimoto
"Numerical Simulation of Earthquake Cycles in the Philippine Fault Zone, Luzon Island, Philippines" by Laarni dela Cruz
"The evaluation for A-B value in the Miyagi-Oki region, northeast Japan" by Junta Sainoki
"Three major components of pore pressure evolutions: interseismic compaction, coseismic dilatation and thermal pressurization" by Yuta Mitsui
"Spontaneous dynamic rupture processes with thermal pressurization" by Yumi Urata

Special Seminar: September 26 14:30-15:30 in Lecture Room #3
Ravi Kumar Mangalampally (ERI, Univesity of Tokyo; NGRI, India)
"Lithospheric architecture and deformation of the eastern Himalayan collision zone from converted phases"

July 22
"Self-introduction and my study"
(presented by Sakamoto)
"Application of Receiver Function Method to Western Turkey"
(presented by Timur Tezel (DPRI/IISEE))

July 22
"Reflection structure analysis in the crust and application to Yamasaki fault"
(presented by Yoshikawa)

July 15
"The evaluation for A-B value and its effect on the earthquake cycle in the Miyagi-Oki region, northeast Japan"
(presented by Sainoki)

July 8
"3-D FMM and my study"
(presented by Kawaguchi)

July 1
Steven E. Persh and Heidi Houston "Strongly Depth-Dependent Aftershock Production in Deep Earthquakes" Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America,VOL.94,NO.5,pp.1808-1816,October 2004.
(presented by Yada)
Park, S. K., W. Dalrymple, and J. C. Larsen "The 2004 Parkfield earthquake: Test of the electromagnetic precursor hypothesis" JGR, 112, B05302, doi:10.1029/2005JB004196, 2007.
(presented by Hirasawa)

June 24
Miyazaki,S. and K.M.Larson "Coseismic and early postseismic slip for the 2003 Tokachi-oki earthquake sequence inferred from GPS data" Geophysical Research Letters,35,L04302,doi:10.1029/2007GL032309,2008.
(presented by Kano)
Kikuchi,M. and Kanamori,H. "The mechanism of the deep Bolivia earthquake of June 9,1994" Geophysical Research Letters,VOL.21,NO.22,PAGES 2341-2344,NOVEMBER 1,1994.
(presented by Kurihara)

June 17
"Effect of thermal pressurization on rupture propagation"
(presented by Urata)

June 10
"S wave velocity structure beneath Aso caldera, southwestern Japan, as derived from receiver functions"
(presented by Abe)

June 3
1) Report of the coordinating committee for earthquake prediction which was held on May 19, 2008.
2) Brief introduction of Hirahara's researches in 2008.
(presented by Hirahara)

May 20
"Analysis of crustal deformation in Luzon, Philippines using geodetic observations and earthquake focal mechanisms" Tectonophysics, 432, 63-87, 2007
(presented by Laarni)

May 13
"Synthetic Aperture Radar processor introduction and my study"
(to be presented by Arimoto)

April 22
"Self introduction and my perspective for the future"
(presented by Mitsui)

April 15
"Intermediate-depth earthquakes again"
(presented by Kuge)

April 8
Self-introduction by all participants
Decision of speaker schedule during the summer semester

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