2023 Seismology Seminar II

Time: Every Tuesday afternoon
Place: Room 462 in Science Building #1

May 30 13:30
"Machine Learning predicts numerical earthquakes"
(to be presented by Norisugi)

"Physics-Informed Neural Networks for modeling slow slip events in a spring-slider system with a rate and state friction law"
"物理深層学習の断層すべり計算への適用: ばねブロックモデルにおけるSSE数値計算と摩擦特性推定"
(to be presented by Fukushima)

=== Schedule of Speakers in Spring, 2023 (version on April 11) ===
05/23 No seminar; 05/30 Fukushima, Norisugi
06/06 Iwamura, Kawakubo; 06/13 Koyama, Doi; 06/20 Ishiyama; 06/27 Nouzuka
07/04 Kano; 07/11 Viana; 07/18 Mishra; 07/25 Spare day;

* This is Seismology Seminar II(A,B,C,D) (credit 2 units per semester).

May 16
"ニュージーランド北島北東沖の付加体及び浅部スロースリップ発生域へのAdjoint tomographyの適用"
(presented by Adachi)

May 9
(presented by Kotani)

May 2
"Offshore fault geometry revealed from earthquake locations using inland stations: the case of the 2022 Adriatic Sea earthquake sequence"
(presented by Like)

April 25
"Estimation of the size of volcanic eruptions from large-band seismic data"
"Estimation of the shallow crustal velocity structure in the Nagano region, Japan, from dense seismic observations, using seismic interferometry"
(presented by Louise)

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