2017 Seismology Seminar II

Time: Every Tuesday afternoon
Place: Rigaku-bu 1-gokan Seminar Room II (Room #462)

January 30 Start from 13:30
(to be presented by Manabe)
"Machine Learningを用いたDeclustering手法の開発"
(to be presented by Yanahama)

=== Schedule of Speakers in Fall, 2017 (last updated on January 9) ===
The meeting on Jan. 30 is the last in FY2017.

2/05-06 Master defence; 2/09 Bachelor defence;

* This is Seismology Seminar II(A,B,C,D) (credit 2 units per semester).

January 9
(presented by Ohata)
(presented by Ganeko)

December 19
"Hi-net観測データを用いた熊本地方の地震群のRupture Directivityの推定"
(presented by Nakabayashi)

December 5
"アンサンブルカルマンフィルタを用いた 豊後水道長期的SSE発生域の摩擦特性 およびすべり発展推定に関する数値実験"
(presented by Nishikiori)
"Deep Learningを用いたDeclustering手法の開発"
(presented by Yanahama)

November 28
(presented by Seki)

November 14
(presented by Ganeko)

October 30
(to be presented by Ohata)

October 17
"中-高速度域条件下における摩擦強度変化の過渡的変化に着目した 速度状態依存摩擦構成則に関する実験的研究:斑レイ岩を用いた 摩擦実験結果から"
(presented by Nakano)

July 18
(presented by Nishikiori)

July 11
"スペクトル要素法による地震サイクルシミュレーション手法の開発 "
(presented by Seki)

July 4
(presented by Yanahama)

June 27
(presented by Ohata)
Chao et al. (2013), A Global Search for Triggered Tremor Following the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku Earthquake,
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 103, 1551-1571 doi:10.1785/0120120171"
(presented by Manabe)

June 20
Kane et al. (2013), Rupture directivity of small earthquakes at Parkfield,
Journal of Geophysical Research:Solid Earth, 118, 212-221, doi:10.1029/2012JB009675"
(presented by Nakabayashi)

June 13
(presented by Anca)

June 6
(presented by Ganeko)

May 30
(presented by Kuge)

May 16
"周期的外力への固着すべり振動子の同期 -弾性・粘弾性の場合―"
Synchronization of Stick-Slip Oscillator by Periodic External Forces? -Elastic and Viscoelastic Cases-
(presented by Hirahara)

April 25
"断層の長期的滑り速度はどこが決める? :脆性-塑性遷移域の重要性"
(presented by Noda)

April 18
"Remote triggering of earthquakes as a possible stress-meter: the case of the 2016 M7.3 Kumamoto mainshock"
「応力計としての地震リモート・トリガリング: 2016 M7.3熊本本震の場合」
(presented by Bogdan)

April 11

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